If You Are

– An Emerging Leder

– A Team Leader

– A Person Who Needs a Coach

Why This Course Will be Invaluable to You!


I’ve spent over 30 years leading people, making organizations excel, and studying how practical leaders become successful. I picked 12 of the most important concepts about leadership to share with you in this course for only $29.


There is a Big Problem!

QUESTION: Did you know most leaders are still being trained with techniques that became popular in the industrial revolution?

QUESTION: Did you know most people resent leaders who use those techniques?

QUESTION: Did you know most new leaders are thrown into the mix without training?



Most New Leaders Ask Themselves:

  • How do I motivate my team?
  • How do I continue to develop myself as a leader?
  • Is my leadership style is working?
  • Why don’t I have more influence with my peers, my boss, my people?
  • Does my boss think I’m a good leader?
  • Why am I working so hard but nothing is getting done?


Unlock Your Power!


In this course we address these issues and many more.

12 Skills Every Leader Needs helps you:

  • Avoid pitfalls that are common to new leaders.
  • Learn the fundamentals of the art of leadership.
  • Position yourself as a competent leader who is ready to ascend to more and more responsibility.


What does the course contain?

There are 12 segments in the course. Each one covers a vital leadership experience with lessons and pitfalls to avoid. I begin the lesson with an introduction and a quick microcast on the topic.



Some of the lessons have other extended videos integrated. Some of the lessons provide templates and downloads to help you execute the skill. Some of the lessons include additional articles and links to help you develop your skill in that topic further.


Who should not take this course?

  • Leaders who feel they have loads of practical experience and don’t need any fresh ideas.
  • Leaders who are not interested in thinking about their own leadership journey and spending time analyzing their own skills and capabilities.