We Know Leadership

Insight from Experience!

Leadership is a Great Journey

Do you want to make sure your future leaders have the right foundations to be a good leader.

Do you have junior to mid-level leaders who are struggling in their role.

Do you want to increase your ability to rise through the ranks in leadership – get promoted – make more money – be a successful leader.

Introducing Our Leadership Training Solutions

Fast Track Leader Seminar

  • 90 minutes and 12 powerful skills leaders need.
  • The art of leading peers.
  • Dealing with directions from above that aren’t always clear.
  • Building trust and loyalty.
  • The recipe for empowerment.
  • How to build your own social capital in a way that gets you promoted.
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Self-Healing Team Workshop

  • 6 Hour interactive workshop focused specifically on your team.
  • Spend a day with your team in a customized interactive experience.
  • Learn why teams fail to live up to their potential.
  • Learn how to use Myers-Briggs to help your team work together.
  • Adopt the principles of being an Agile team.
  • Become a Self-Healing team and reach superstar high performance levels.
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Leader Bootcamp

  • An intense and exciting journey into the art of becoming a high performing leader.
  • 10 Weeks broken into 2 sessions each week for 3 hours per session where you will learn and experience phenomenal insight into what it takes to be a successful leader in today’s market.
  • The bootcamp is a merger of successful elements found in advanced leadership courses taught at the university level, leadership programs used by Fortune 500 companies, and practical real-life lessons from top leaders in industry, including the founder’s experiences at NIKE and the Marines.
  • We read and discuss concepts from top experts. We use film and literature to learn to recognize how leadership works in practice. Participants apply relevant case studies to recognize why and how certain leadership styles can be successful in one situation and unsuccessful in another.
  • Engaging leadership development activities are used to provide experiential learning points that drive home the art of leadership.
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