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Our goal is to advance the art of leadership by improving strategy and execution, supporting leadership development initiatives, and sponsoring software that really helps leaders.

Leader Programs


three-pronged model to leader talent development and organizational performance


augmenting your leadership development


personalized coaching services


customized team workshop to build self-healing high performing teams


independent self-paced leadership courses and materials


prepare the future by learning from the past with leadership soundbites from proven leaders


practical leadership development concepts you can use right now delivered in a few short minutes of content

emerging leader powerup 

60 hours – an intense and exciting journey into the art of becoming a high performing leader


contact us to learn more about scheduling a select group for one of our 4 high adventure leadership packages: Leading in the Tetons, High in the Uintas, The Lost Coast Journey, and Milk Bottle Regatta

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leader development business solution

There are three common business problems when it comes to people and leadership. First – the need to develop future leaders. Second – the need to increase diversity. Third – the need for a talent pool management strategy. We use a program, process, and engagement technique to help your organization address all three problems simultaneously. Learn More

big problem solution

Key initiatives heading in the wrong direction, making no progress, can’t get off the ground, or not getting traction – we specialize in solving these problems

strategy-to-execution solution

We work on both ends of strategy. A developed strategy is just no good without tight execution integration. This is a leadership competency, in-demand leaders are able to create and execute strategy. We’ll show you where strategy normally breaks down and help you increase your execution velocity for real bottom line results.

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Agile Performance Management with 180 Employee Engagement

all in under

Under 30 Seconds!

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