• Become the leader your organization values.
  • Help your people through those negative moments and back into high-performance.
  • Gain a unique competitive advantage as a leader.


Only 15-Minutes a Day to Get Results

Develop your skills for working with challenging employees and difficult situations. In this LeaderPod you’ll cover the following key topics:

  • Dealing with challenging employees
  • Understanding the conflict of perspective
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Leading with emotional agility
  • Valuing relationships
  • Principles of corrective action
  • Helping employees overcome struggles
  • How to apologize and how to fix mistakes
  • How to learn from failure
  • Dealing with bad news
  • Taking the arrows for the team
  • Leveraging other leaders and others with critical skills
  • Using the organic qualities of the organization to help solve problems

What’s a LeaderPod

A LeaderPod is an interactive digital journey that helps new leaders gain an immediate footing and be successful right away as a leader. We designed these LeaderPods from research on the most common issues that new leaders face.

Most new leaders do not get leadership training right away. Our LeaderPods are fast-start experiences that allow you to handle some of the most difficult situations leaders at all levels face.

Our LeaderPod technology is a personalized experience.

  • Take notes
  • Highlight content
  • Print pages
  • Download content as a PDF
  • Respond to personal development questions and activities
  • Track all of your responses in your personal e-notebook

Each LeaderPod contains a collection of written, video, and audio content developed by the Founder of Leaders247, as well as some of the most inspiring open-source material available such as podcast interviews, Harvard Business Review blog and tip videos, and TED talks.

I was surprised by how quickly I was able to start using what I learned. I was able to go from the pod directly into a difficult conversation with a team member.

Christopher Whitehead

Technical Development Leader, Overland Park, Kansas

As a 30-year information technology professional who has worked for Fortune 50 most of my career, I have to say that this is the absolute best course I have taken. The big difference is the course concepts were not ‘flavor of the day’, they allowed me to enhance my leadership.

Reed Shell

Agile Coach,Process Champion, and Project Leader, Family Search

Thanks again for this great class/course. I have really enjoyed it in my work life and personal life. I wanted to make sure you knew how much it has impacted my role as a Program Manager. For me it has been helpful to get a nudge/gentle slap/kick back into action. I have been doing basically the same thing for the past 16 years, (25 total at WHS) in the same role, so it’s easy to get complacent in what I am doing. After our first two weeks of the course I worked with the team to get our notes and billings in sooner and we have already seen an increase in productivity and less stress. I feel like the performance reviews I gave since the course began were better, more thoughtful than they have ever been. It was good to be reminded to check in with the team and take time individually with them and it has made a big difference. These are just a few of the things I have seen change. There are many more! You have helped me make working in a great program with great staff even better. Thank you!

Laura Wangsgard

Manager, Weber Human Services