Small concentrated micro-workshops covering 10 of the most difficult issues leaders face.

Emerging Leaders Micro-Workshop

Emerging leaders need coaching – but they are unlikely to get it.

I have chosen 10 of the most difficult issues emerging leaders face and organized them into micro-workshops. The focus is on leadership fundamentals, working with your real-life problems, and helping you integrate practical solutions you can use immediately.

Our workshop approach is proven to help emerging leaders become successful and be able to take on more complex and weighty leadership assignments.

  • Lead People
  • Develop Yourself
  • Develop Your Team
  • Ethics & Character
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Innovation Culture
  • Build Trust
  • HR Fundamentals
  • Incentives & Motivation
  • Plan & Execute

The Reality

Emerging leaders need and want leadership development and training that is connected to the business purpose and relevant to the problems they face right now.


Less than 10% of your boss's time is devoted to coaching.

Time is Precious

Leaders don’t have a week, two days, or even a day to invest in their own leadership development. They are busy. But, they do have 2 hours a month – and we’ll make that small investment pay big dividends for you.


Most daylong trainings are full of fluffy activities that are pointless. Our micro-workshops are for people who want to get better at leadership in small concentrated ways.


Succinct and focused to your real business needs – You’ll be better when you walk out than you walked in.


Is it worth 2 hours a month to become a great leader, grow your career, and make a strategic business impact?

10 Micro-Workshops

The Workshop: Each workshop is 2 hours long and involves a personal commitment on your part to do the pre-work and post-work that applies concepts from the workshop to real problems you face as a leader.

Group Size: We will work in Cohorts of 20. Keeping the group size relatively small increases the effectiveness of the workshop, while at the same time allows participants to develop peer relationships across industries. You will actively serve both as a peer mentor and as a peer mentee within your Cohort.

When We Meet: We will meet once during the following months: January, February, March, April, May, June, August, September, October, and November. We will typically meet on the second Monday of the month. You can select your time and location preferences in the registration process.

Lead People

The fundamentals of leadership in a millennial era.

Develop Yourself

How to develop yourself as a leader.

Develop Team

How to develop your team for long-term high performance.

Ethical Strength & Character

Building a business mindset that contributes total value.

Emotional Intelligence

How to become emotionally intelligent and impact the emotional intelligence, attitude, and motivation of others around you.

Innovation Culture

How to lead creatives and foster an organizational culture that is nimble, fast, and on target.

Build Trust & Social Capital

How to build trust foundations across the organization and build social capital that makes you a leading influencer across the enterprise.

HR Fundamentals

How to hire, fire, and promote – and other HR fundamentals.

Incentives & Motivation

How to understand compensation and the impact of recognition and incentives on a millennial minded knowledge-driven workforce.

Planning & Execution

How to create simple plans, communicate quickly, and manage execution.

The Cost

Individual Pricing: $2,200

Group Pricing: $1,700 (individual price for groups of 5 or more)

What’s Included:

  • Workshops: 10 two-hour micro workshops in a cohort of peers spread out over a 12 month period.
  • Executive coaching: Each individual receives a minimum of 5 hours of personal coaching from a senior executive.
  • Tools and resources for each workshop.

What Will You Receive?


An interactive workshop facilitated by Leaders247. We teach the critical issues and introduce practical experienced-based best practices to help emerging leaders master the topic. Each workshop session includes time for the participant to develop, share, adjust a plan, and then share results of implementation in the next session.

Book - Article - Video

A book, an article, or a movie specific to the theme of the workshop, the contents of which are used in the pre-work and in the workshop itself. Our book choice will range from a business book to fiction to history. The articles we choose come from Harvard Business Review. Movies range from classic to documentary. Our books, articles, and movies are designed to help you integrate the leadership principles into real-life by visualizing positive and negative leadership experiences through the lens of others, and then apply the lessons in your own situation.

Coaching Session

1 private 30-minute coaching session from a member of the Leaders247 staff for each workshop session.

See Improvement

Unique process that involves multiple members of your influence-circle along with other peers in your cohort to help you see tangible progress and identify additional areas of focused development.


What if I Miss a Workshop?
All workshops will be recorded and a private web-viewing will be made available upon request. We will also virtualize the workshop for those who are traveling so they can participate in real-time remotely.




What if I Have a Different Topic I Want Covered?
Each Cohort will have the opportunity to identify additional topics that we will weave into the 10-session curriculum.


What if I Want to Have a Private Session with My Team or My Company?
We can create a Cohort with people from your organization. We can also consider hosting on-site or off-site. Contact us for details.


Are Dates and Times for our Cohort Meetings Flexible?
For the most part, we will stick to the second Monday of the month for our meeting date. You can request a time slot when you sign up. In some cases, where the Cohort all agree, we may modify a date and time depending on availability of facilities.



Where Will We Meet?
We will typically meet in a meeting room at a hotel or a conference room of one of our sponsors.


What If I Don’t Want to Attend all Ten?
We sometimes get this request. This particular program is designed for a cohort to attend all of the workshops. There are two reasons for this. First, attending as a cohort through the entire series will help you develop long-term valuable relationships with peers. Second, we have carefully selected the topics and feel strongly all emerging leaders should have these fundamentals.

If your organization would like a customized version of our micro-workshop series we are happy to customize something for you. Contact us and let us know your interests.



What Do Our Clients Say?

That we make an immediate difference!

Matt Burton

Director of People and Great Work, O.C. TANNER




About Leaders247

Our goal is to advance the art of leadership. We believe leadership is both a learned skill and an acquired art. To be good at leadership requires constant study, practice, self-evaluation, and an eagerness to learn from others. At Leaders247 we don’t teach the typical surface concepts of leadership. We dig deep and work to help our clients understand how their leadership affects the lives of the people they lead. As a leader you’ll either enable the talents of those around you to blossom and grow, or you’ll stifle capability and frustrate the very people who could help you be successful. There are very real business bottom-line results that come from leadership (good and bad), and most leaders who are failing don’t even recognize it until it is too late. Our advantage is an organic agile approach using the leadership talent equity already built within your organization. With our proprietary process, we identify the focus, organize the development, produce the content, and then integrate your experts. We are team-people – we know how to pull together a team. We integrate the best ideas from open sources like Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, Stanford’s e-corner, along with our own research and experience. The result is a customized program on your site with your people developing them the way you need.

About – The Founder

Gordon Whitehead specializes in leadership and organizational development with a particular interest in helping emerging leaders accelerate their leadership growth. His career includes 13 years in the United States Marine Corps where he served both as an enlisted man and as an officer. He left the Marines as a Captain to join the Nike team where he held several positions with international responsibilities, including the Director of IT for the Americas Region. Other professional positions include:  Director of IT for Sequent Computers, Vice President for FB&B Consulting Group, and Vice President of IT Operations for CorVel Corporation. Gordon has been a head varsity basketball coach in Oregon and Utah, and an assistant varsity football coach for a championship team in Oregon. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Oregon State University in Business with concentrations in business administration and finance with a minor in Japanese. He holds a Doctor of Management degree from George Fox University and is an adjunct professor at Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University. Gordon is a published author on various leadership topics. He founded Leaders247 to advance the art of leadership by teaching, mentoring, and coaching leaders and organizations to higher performance by unlocking the capacity of their people.