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Our guest today is Dave Barram, former CFO of Apple. Dave has over 24 years of experience in leadership in Silicon Valley. From 1983 – 1985 he served as the CFO of Silicon Graphics, Inc. From 1985 – 2006 he served as the CFO of Apple. From 1993 – 1996 he also served as the Deputy Secretary and COO with the U.S. Department of Commerce. From 1996 – 2001 he was the administrator of General Services Administration under President Clinton. This interview is full of insightful and fun lessons on how leaders make a difference. Dave loves life and as you listen you will hear an amazing journey, throughout which Dave maintained a grounded perspective on what matters most. If you like this interview, you may also like an article I wrote about Dave entitled: Leading by Creating Value. Important leadership lessons uncovered in this show include:
  • What are the leadership skills needed by C-level executives?
  • How does a leader perpetuate values and grow a healthy organization?
  • Why does integrity matter?
  • What do leaders do to develop their people?
Dave has unique insights on leadership and we are thrilled that he spent time with us at Leaders247.   Continue the conversation on ReditSend Us and Email With Questions

Books Dave Recommends

A good story full of leadership examples from the real world. Very modern. Very different.
Major management insight in this social psychology book about why good people are divided by religion and politics.
Classic book written in 1960 – but, of major importance on Theory Y and the idea that employees are worth listening to. Imagine that!
A simple book about organizational differences between basketball, baseball, and football. How you practice, how you relate to teammates, and about the flow of the game. Applies to business.