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A New Way to Build Leaders

Learn.Leaders247.com is a premier action-driven knowledge base for leaders. The site is designed to help you quickly access leadership content and be productive as a leader right away.



Monthly case-feed leadership email that triggers an action-learning experience based on real cases experienced by leaders.


Q&A Engagement

Private Q&A feature that gives your leaders the ability to access Leaders247 experts on questions of leadership and organizational behavior.


Searchable Knowledge-Base

Access to Leaders247 searchable knowledge-base with topics tagged based on the most common leadership problems.


Lead the People Courses

Access to all Lead the People courses such as Difficult People, Communication, Decision-Making, Motivating, Empowering, Delegating, and others.


How to Get Started

Step-1: Login

  • If you have not yet received your login credentials contact support@leaders247.com.
  • Login to Learn.Leaders247.com.

Step-2: Explore

  1. Open text search.
  2. Schedule a 1-1 (additional cost).
  3. Ask a question to a Leaders247 consultant.
  4. Discuss a topic in a forum.
  5. Search by key topics.
  6. Trending content updates monthly based on popular searches and articles read.
  7. Access to all of the Leaders247 “Lead the People” Courses.

Step 3: Engage

Shortly after you receive a launch email, you will receive a monthly case-feed email that explores a real-life leadership micro-case. Cases generally take from 5-15 minutes to read. Each case will have a CTA (Call to Action) for you to complete.

Monthly Email Example

This is an example of the brief email introducing the case. The email is designed to be a short introduction to the topic.

Full Knowledge Article Example

When you click on “Read the Full Article”, you will go to the Learn.Leaders247.com site where you will have the ability to read the entire article, download the article, search on other topics, ask questions, and complete a CTA.

Common Questions

Can I request additional specific content?

Yes. You request additional specific content by asking a question using one of the “Ask a Question” links. The first thing we do when you ask a question is to send you any knowledge articles that may already exist to help you. If we aren’t able to answer your question with existing articles, we then create additional content to address your specific question.

How often do "trending" articles refresh?

Trending articles refresh on a weekly basis. Articles in the trending category are selected by an algorithm of article views. Additionally, some trending articles are manually inserted based on subscriber needs.

How do I request personal or group training?

To request personal or group training fill out this form and we will get back to you.

Contact Us About Training

What is the difference between the knowledge-base (learn.leaders247.com) and the micro courses (micro.leaders247.com)?

Learn.Leaders247.com is a knowledge-base website with leadership articles, videos, and activities available to subscribers. 

Micro.Leaders247.com is our Learning Management System (LMS) where we host our courses for leaders. Subscribers to Learn.Leaders247.com receive complimentary access to all courses on the LMS. 

  • Difficult People and Difficult Conversations
  • Communication and Other Soft Skills
  • Motivating and Inspiring Others
  • Empowering and Delegating
  • Prioritizing, Planning, and Executing
  • Decision-Making and Problem-Solving
  • Leadership Simulations
What's my user account and password for the Micro-Courses

User accounts are not currently synchronized between Learn.Leaders247.com and Micro.Leaders247.com. Users are initially signed up with the same credentials at both sites. We are currently working on account synchronization technology. If you have difficulty with your account please email us: support@leaders247.com.

Do you have a Mobile App?

Learn.Leaders247.com and Micro.Leaders247.com are responsive websites and perform on any platform (desktop, tablet, or mobile).

A full-scale Leaders247 app is in the development cycle.

Currently, the Micro.Leaders247.com courses are available on the Moodle app. Download the Moodle app from the app store and register using your login credentials and the URL: https://micro.leaders247.com.

How often do you add new content?

We add new content on a regular basis. There is not a standard cadence that we follow – we stay close to what leaders need to be successful in the modern world and frequently provide content customized to the current conditions.

What is the price for a 1-1?

A One-on-One is an additional fee of $165/hour. We only book in full hour increments.

What is the price for the program?

We have designed this program to be highly affordable. Contact us to discuss group pricing: support@leaders247.com.

Can I access the list of CTAs?

CTAs can be accessed by members at: https://learn.leaders247.com/calls-to-action-list/

Can I Get More Info?

Just give us a few details and we'll send you more info.

    We respect your privacy. You'll receive product info from us. You can subscribe anytime.