Leaders 24×7 Promo from gordon on Vimeo. We are almost ready to launch our first courses. We plan on hosting the following topics:
  • Dealing with mistakes
  • Assessing your leadership without expensive tools
  • The challenge of leading peers
  • Developing talent under you
  • Becoming an effective student of leadership
  • Leaders are teachers
  • How to correct people
  • Dealing with tough or vague directions from the top
  • Working with the talent you have
  • The secret behind true empowerment and the danger of false empowerment
  • Delegating authority but retaining responsibility
  • How to use the 9th hour to grow your own talents
  • Lead by creating value
  • Transitioning from individual contributor
  • Raising social capital
  • Dealing with misperceptions of power
  • Rearview anchoring
We would love to hear from you about other topics that are of interest.