Lead the People - Getting Started


I want to welcome you to the Lead the People program. The library that you have access to is the independent version of the original Lead the People Cohort-Model product.

You access each of the LeaderPods by logging in. You can use the login button on this page to navigate to the application. Please feel free to browse through any of the resources in your library.

About LeaderPods

A LeaderPod is an interactive digital resource. 

The LeaderPod technology enables you to personalize notes, highlight content that is most important to you, print pages or download pdf versions of a page, and submit and review your thoughts on various topics.

The LeaderPods contain a collection of written, video, and audio content. Pages that have video embedded are not able to be exported to PDF.

Navigation Tips

This is what your library will look like when you login.

How to Login

Your login account is usually your email. You will be assigned a password. If you forget your password, or didn’t receive one in the first place, simply click on the “Forgot your password?” link.


You navigate through the leader pods by clicking on the page icons at the bottom corners of the screen, or by opening the chapters and navigating to the content you want to see.

You can pull up the table of contents by clicking on the three bars in the upper left or the lower part of the tool where it says “Chapters.” When you do that, you will then see a panel on the left that you can navigate.


LeaderPod technology allows you to maintain a personal notebook that you can export or print. The feature icons are at the bottom of each page.

The notebook is set up so you can look at all notes, bookmarks, and highlights in one place. Each is hyperlinked to the location in the LeaderPod where the source is maintained and you can navigate right to it with one click.

Within the LeaderPod you can take notes by first double-clicking on a word or phrase in the text, then highlight as much of the text that you need. When you do that the note taking and highlighting icons will appear in a floating menu above the text.

You can export sections of the LeaderPod to a PDF file with one exception – any page with embedded video will not export to PDF.

The settings feature allows you to adjust how you want to consume the content. You can set your reading features so your LeaderPod is customized for your needs. 

You can bookmark pages or sections in your LeaderPod for quick access. 

You can also enter notes on any page by clicking the pencil icon in the right corner of the LeaderPod. When you do that a lightbox window opens for you to keep your notes.


Returning to Your Library

When you want to return to your library simply click on the left carrot in the far left of the LeaderPod page and it will take you right back to the library.

Need more assistance? Contact us and we’d love to help.