Unique Micro-Learning Approach

Leaders need an opportunity to discuss, share, and study leadership in a safe environment, to be able to ask questions, and to dig deep within themselves to discover their capabilities and potential.

Participant Benefits


Weekly mentoring from your coach through discussion forums and web calls.


Learn from the experiences of other leaders, such as CEOs, VPs, Directors, and major process leaders who have significant business and leadership experience.


Exposure to some of the finest open source and proprietary content on leadership, which includes talks, podcasts, presentations, book excerpts, and articles.


Peer-to-peer engagement opportunity to share and learn from other participants. You will also leverage mentors in a peer-accountability model that will help your leadership skills grow fast.

Local Leader

Your local leader will be involved in a way that is designed to accelerate your application of the concepts inside your own organization.


Participants are able to use the course to make an immediate impact because learning topics integrate with and pivot around both self-development interests and business demands. You become a better leader and a better business person.

Developed By Dr. Gordon Whitehead

When I was a leader at Nike, we used a number of Leadership Programs that helped us all get off to a fast start. Those Nike foundations had a big influence on me. Over my years of leadership experience and research, I have built programs to help leaders develop quickly. We focus on fundamental topics that are put into micro-pods that are facilitated by a seasoned executive coach. The result is an immediate impact on the business because leaders spend 2-4 hours a week learning, applying, discussing, sharing, and taking action within their own business environment.

What Leaders are Saying

Matt Burton

Director of People and Great Work, O.C. TANNER

“As a 30-year information technology professional who has worked for Fortune 50 most of my career, I have to say that this is the absolute best course I have taken. The big difference is the course concepts were not ‘flavor of the day’, they allowed me to enhance my leadership.”

Reed Shell

Agile Coach, Process Champion and Project Leader, Family Search

Kristen Mecham

MM, PHR,SHRM-CP, Human Resource Director at Weber Human Services

General Questions

How is your program different from others?

We don’t use traditional training models that require students to just sit and listen. Participants work on their real business projects as they apply principles they learn from our micro-courses. The biggest differences are that we use micro-pods of laser-focused content and the program doesn’t take time away from a leader’s daily schedule and work. In other words, leaders are developed while they are productive at work. 

How much time does a person need to commit?

The average time spent in the program is 15-minutes a day. Some days may require more than this (such as live events). Other days require less. The reason our model is successful with such a low-average time commitment is that we rely on micro-learning techniques that cause the participant to immediately apply new ideas with the people they lead and the business they work in. That process is where the real learning occurs.

Can you customize the program for us?

We do customize content for clients. One of our customization models is to use what we call “Leader Equity,” where we record and integrate video and audio recordings of your leaders on key subjects. Other customizations include shaping of topics to zero in on your core organizational needs. Contact us for customization pricing.

How long do I have access to the content?

Participants have access to the Learning System for two-months after their completion. Following that they have access to the content via an eBook and a private website. 

Who created the content?

The content is drawn from three primary sources. The main source of content is developed by Dr. Gordon Whitehead. The second source of content comes from podcasts and personal interviews Dr. Whitehead has conducted with leaders. The third source of content is carefully curated from open-source libraries such as HBR videos on YouTube. 

What is your technology platform?

Our Learning System is based on Learn Dash. 

What is the price?

Our program starts at $2,650 per person for open cohorts. Customizations to fit your specific business concerns and leadership needs, as well as the number of on-site workshops, alter to the price. For private group cohorts, we generally require a cohort size minimums of 20.

Is this an online or in person program?

Our program is primarily an online program that includes weekly live webinar or workshop events conducted over the internet. We offer an onsite experience for the workshops, which our clients generally prefer.

Do you take open enrollment or is this a closed-cohort program?

We have both company-specific enrollment and open-cohort programs.


Company-Specific cohorts are customized to your organization. We have a minimum enrollment of 20. We have learned through experience that the collaboration that comes from participating in our program with your peers accelerates business impact because participants have a common business framework, purpose, and set of experiences.


Open-cohorts enroll based on open dates. To learn more about the upcoming open-cohort dates click here.

Can I get the library of books along with this program?

We used over 28 books and a series of articles in the development of the program. We make that list available to our clients. We can purchase them on your behalf. That is a decision we make at the initial planning stage. 

Getting Started

Initial Planning

Meet with Leaders247 to identify objectives and areas of focus. The purpose is to develop onboarding and execution plans to make sure participants are set up for the best possible experience.

Participant Selections

With most cohorts we go through a selection process that involves the participant applying to the program. The Leaders247 Coach works with company leaders to select participants. The application process is a simple form that helps the participant begin to develop an idea of why they think leadership is important and a commitment to complete the program.

Welcome Aboard

We have learned that one of the most important elements to helping participants successfully complete a leadership development program is to properly bring them into the process right up front. Our welcome aboard process includes a personal letter from the company leader and from the CEO of Leaders247. These letters are personalized and designed to help the participant feel part of a community of leaders.

Launch Event

The launch event orients participants to the program. A brief welcome aboard module is used to help participants learn the technology and process so they start the first micro-course ready to hit the ground running. The launch event lasts about 60 minutes.

Program Cadence

Participants spend approximately 15 minutes a day, on average, in the program. The program consists of 8 micro-courses that run two-weeks each. The constant micro-engagement model helps participants stay engaged. At the end of each micro-course a person is selected from the leader board to receive a recognition gift, which is usually a high-quality selection of literature.

Wrap-up & Recognition

At the end of the program we conduct a recognition event. Individuals who successfully complete the program (80%) receive a Certificate of Completion and a notebook journal from Leaders247. We also recognize an honor graduate from the cohort who will receive a special gift.

What Does it Take to Be a Great Leader?

Roselinde Torres discusses why traditional leadership development programs are ineffective.

They do not cause change, they do not move the business forward in meaningful ways, and most importantly, they do not help people make the skills they learn about useable.

We built our program to make sure we hit those three keys.