The Problem

Globally, corporations spend over $360 billion on employee-related development and, in particular, U.S. companies spend over $14 billion a year on leadership training [1]. Most of that investment has no tangible return [2].

Our client wanted a leadership development program that could give them a visible impact. We gave Weber Human Services exactly what they wanted.

Our Approach

Our passion is to help leaders and influencers make an immediate impact on their business.

Our experience has taught us that leaders in the trenches want micro-training in small doses of 15-30 minutes a day, they want that training to be immediately applicable to what they do, and they want to have a way to experience a learned concept in real-time.

We developed a micro-learning product called Lead the People and placed it on a sleek learning system that functioned the same way over the web or on their phones.

By insisting on a talent development program that would be relevant to their business, we were able to connect the hearts and minds of people to a grander purpose. One of the most powerful incentives that motivate people to contribute their best work is to see and feel a connection to the big opportunity and to belong to a great culture. We used those principles to create collaborative micro-learning with a social twist.

Our customized product took their leaders through 8 action-oriented modules over a 16 week period by using a drip-feed micro-learning technique coupled with live webinars and workshops.

Value Delivered

The Big Result

Here’s what the Director of HR said:

“The impact that you’ve had on our supervisors has been incredible… If you are just reading articles and watching videos and not putting things into action then you are not really learning. The feedback I got from my managers is that the micro-learn and then apply model was one of the best things for them and made a difference immediately.”


Here are samples of what participants said:

“Motivated me to make a very difficult change.”

“Learned a lot in such a short time.”

“Micro-learning is stress-free.”

“Able to use what I learned immediately.”

“Direct approach, 15-minutes a day.”


By the way, we now offer this as a regular product – Check it out Here.