Leader Powerup


The leadership powerup is 64 hours of an intense leader development journey into the art of becoming a high performing leader. We conduct this session off-site and two segments. There is one month in between each segment in order to give the participants an opportunity to immerse the concepts taught in the first week into their practical work. They also work on a project that they brief in the second segment.
Leading people is the most significant work undertaken in the modern society. Leaders have influence to shape behaviors, produce more products, innovate at faster rates, and help people improve their lives. Regardless of the industry or business, one of the most challenging issues facing top leaders is retaining and developing the organization’s future leaders.
The leader powerup crisscrosses the intellectual with the practical to discover and internalize what it takes to be a great leader in today’s complex world. We read and discuss concepts from top experts. We use film and literature to learn to recognize how leadership works in practice. Participants apply relevant case studies to recognize why and how certain leadership styles can be successful in one situation and unsuccessful in another. Engaging leadership development activities are used to provide experiential learning points that drive home the art of leadership.
 The powerup is a merger of successful elements found in advanced leadership courses taught at the university level, leadership programs used by Fortune 500 companies, and practical real-life lessons from top leaders in industry, including the founder’s experiences at NIKE and the Marines.

What You Will Learn and Experience

  • Leadership models that are prevalent and why they work or don’t work.
  • Management and Leadership – how they are different and what you need to know to do both well.
  • Historical leadership figures and the lessons we can learn from them.
    • Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton
    • Margaret Thatcher
    • Phillip Randolph and Dr. Martin Luther King
    • George Washington in the Revolution
    • John F. Kennedy
  • Diversity – Why it matters and how to achieve it.
  • Using the Myers-Briggs to help you lead and help you develop others.
  • How to use film and literature to improve your leadership.
  • Case studies that will help you with real-time dilemmas of leadership.
    • Underside of command
    • Newhart effect
    • Cain Mutiny
    • Milgram effect
  • Traits of a top leader (how successful leaders think)
  • How to deal with directions from above that aren’t always the best.
  • Experiential segments that include exciting activities and intellectual brain stretchers.
  • Why managing your time may be the most important skill you master.
  • What you need to know about HR and Legal as a line manager.
  • Recruiting and Hiring: Tactics and techniques to aid the busy leader.
  • How to deal with both good and bad performers in your group, including what you’ll need to know to fire someone without getting sued.
  • Self-healing organizations and the shifting nature of work and worker attitudes about work, and team development.
  • What you need to know about motivating others, compensating others, and how authority works in the leader-follower relationship.
  • Leading sustainable change.
  • Foundations of ethics and social responsibility.

Included in the Price

  • Myers-Briggs personality indicator and insight on applying the findings.
  • A packet of leadership articles from Harvard Business Review.
  • Videos and movies essential to your leadership library.
  • Leadership books you would never think to buy on your own, but you’ll be glad you have.
  • 10 hours of individual coaching to be used over a 1-year period.

I would like to learn more about this program

Dr. Whitehead is an extremely good teacher. He facilitates class discussion and provides clear examples for the material being taught. His lectures help translate lessons taught in the classroom to application in the real world of business and organizations.

Former Student