The Problem

Due to our contractual agreement we are not allowed to share the name of this company. However, we can describe the general case and results.

This particular company is a high-tech Fortune 500 company in the defense sector. They were looking for a way to help a key executive be more effective and that executive’s team to increase social capital and influence across other sectors of the company.

Our Approach

We recognized the most important solution was going to involve a customized 360 feedback loop coupled with micro-coaching sessions. We developed a 360 process specifically for this organization by taking into consideration their unique issues and the business strategies they wanted to see executed more quickly.

In the first round of the 360 process we noted a troubling trend in morale where leaders saw morale in a much more favorable light than the workforce.

We harvested the 360 themes and used a positive appreciative inquiry model to incorporate strengths into the process of helping them focus on change.


Value Delivered

The Big Result

Within six months we were able to measure significant improvement. Morale increased by a factor of 50%.

One example of a comment from a leader in another division in the company was:

“I have seen changes – positive changes! Thank you for the work you’ve done… it helps the company and it helps the executive team function better. There is a significant cascading impact when a leader improves – it not only helps them, it helps the company in tangible ways.”

The result was a team and their leader increasing their impact first by leadership and teamwork, and second by stretching their social capital across traditional boundaries. These changes enabled the business to grow. The group we coached became capable of accepting a $300m uptick in quota – and they hit it.