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This article reviews the literature on adolescent leader ship development and connects the concept of leader ship authenticity as a way to influence anti-social adolescent behavior for pro-social outcomes. Because adolescent leaders develop from both pro-social and anti-social constructs, educators must recognize the unique power of both leader ship funnels. Pro-social leaders are inclusive and build affiliation, while anti-social leaders are exclusive and rely on power. Leader ship studies overly focus on adult-level leader ship development. This article centers on the idea that leader ship development is essential at the adolescent level, and opportunities for productive adolescent leader ship development research, though difficult, do exist. In this article a functional definition for authentic leader ship is developed along with a proposed research framework with researchable variables for studying leader ship authenticity in adolescents. A case for using an authentic leader ship paradigm for helping adolescents build their own leader ship attitudes, skills, and experiences is advanced. Finally a review of the processes whereby adolescent leaders are selected, and the existing leader ship development solutions existing in the American high school setting are discussed.