Welcome to the Leader’s Microcast Series

Practical Leadership Development in Minutes

This Microcast Series includes 12 Skills Every Leader Needs to Know

  • Developing Leaders is Important
  • Assess Your Leadership
  • Take the Arrows
  • Fix Mistakes Quickly
  • Lead Your Peers
  • Develop the Left Hand
  • Teach the “Why”
  • Make the Best of Your People
  • Empower (How To)
  • Delegation of Authority
  • Student of Leadership
  • Be Positive
What do I get with my purchase?


When you buy our introductory Microcast on “12 Skills Every Leader Needs to Know” you get access to a downloadable audio file so you can listen at your own convenience and you get insight briefs on each topic written by Dr. Gordon Whitehead.

Do you offer any other Microcasts?

Our “12 Skills Every Leader Needs to Know” is the first Microcast we are offering. We have 3 other Microcasts under development:

  • How every day life can help you be a student of leadership
  • Leading under a difficult boss
  • The art of getting promoted
How do I stay up to date with what Leaders247 is offering?


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Why are Microcasts so Affordable?




Leaders247 is committed to bringing great content to those who leading people at any level of an organization. At Leaders247 we genuinely want to help and so we make a lot of our content free or very affordable. Pricing our Microcasts so that individuals can afford them is important to us.   Our goal is to provide real value to real leaders by solving real problems at a great price.

Can you provide our organization with training?

We know people are busy and cannot always get out to a seminar or leader development training. So, here’s what we do.

We’ve taken some of the most important leadership and team development topics and packaged them into short micro-seminars. We’ll come to your site with work with your leaders to create and adjust the content to fit your needs. Or you can choose from our existing offerings:

  • Achieving the Most with the People You Lead
  • Correcting Behavior and Inspiring People
  • Helping Your Team Get the Big Vision While Leaving Room for Theirs
  • Managing the Self-Healing Team
  • Incentives and Motivations – What Works
  • Remaking HR – What Managers Need to Know

For more information on our micro-seminars or our organizational consulting email us at Feedback@Leaders247.com.

What Others Are Saying About Leaders247


Snack sized leadership lessons worth their weight in gold.

Dan Evans

Social Marketing Director, USMC


With Gordon, I become energized about the principles and the possibilities of leadership. I come away inspired and better equipped to be a better leader.

Kevin Crandall

Vice President, Xactware


Great portal for anyone looking to become a better leader. Stories, podcasts, case studies; all valuable for boardroom discussion or classroom debate.

Tim Rahschulte

Chief Learning Officer, Evanta

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