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From the Founder

For over 30 years I have been involved in the process of leading people and organizations, developing strategies, and worrying about how future leaders should be developed.

From the football field to the Marines, from the high-speed action of Nike to the intense complexities of the high-tech startup world, and from Vice President to Entrepreneur, I’ve covered a lot of ground and have seen how leadership makes a difference.

I’ve seen organizations who promote their people into leadership responsibilities without giving them any framework for success. In those cases, the leader is miserable, his or her people are miserable, and the production of the group falls to a stand-still. The results are always catastrophic.

On the other hand, I’ve seen great organizations such as Nike, who invest heavily in the development and support of their leadership talent. While in the Marines I spent almost a third of my 13 years in some sort of school or training. Those organizations believed in developing people and great results have followed.

Leaders need opportunities to discuss, share, and study leadership in a safe environment, to be able to ask questions, and to dig deep within themselves to discover their capabilities, their short-comings, and their potential.

If you are genuinely interested in leading people, then you’ll want to get to know us. Our goal is to advance the art of leadership. We believe leadership is both a learned skill and an acquired art. We don’t teach the typical surface concepts of leadership. We dig deep and work to help our clients understand how their leadership affects the lives of the people they lead.

We don’t focus on the typical feel-good ideas of leadership. Rather, we teach contemporary tactics grounded in the notion that leading people is an important art and a developed skill best developed in the real-world of one’s own business situation.

We invite you to join us.


Gordon E. Whitehead, D. Mgt.

We Develop Authentic Leaders

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