My work is valuable – but nobody else values it. What can I do?

How do I know if I should quit my job?

How can I shine in an interview?

Will you coach me out of a longstanding conflict?

How can I get better assignments and work on more important projects?

How do I get promoted?

Can you give me feedback on an upcoming presentation?

Why am I not being recognized as a leader?

How do I build social capital?

Which job offer should I take?

I’m trying to get my project approved but there is no budget – what can I do?


If you have questions like these and need an unbiased perspective with honest and direct feedback, Leaders247 offers a One-on-One. Being able to talk confidentially to a seasoned leader about career decisions, leadership issues, organizational dynamics, and other important topics will help you accelerate your career.

Who Will I Talk To?

One of the things we’ve learned in our research is that people want critical and direct feedback, they want to validate their ideas, they want to talk to someone about how to handle a difficult business or career problem. They want to talk in confidence to someone who has been through those types of experiences. And, they want to safely share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas.

That’s why we’ve put together this One-on-One option. You’ll speak directly to the Founder of Leaders247.

Doctor Gordon E. Whitehead helps leaders accomplish their goals by using his experience from Nike, the Marines, an executive, and as a sports coach.

For over 30 years I have been involved in the process of leading people and organizations, developing strategies, and worrying about how future leaders should be developed.

I care a great deal about helping people become successful. From the football field to the Marines, from the high-speed action of Nike to the intense complexities of the high-tech startup world, and from Vice President to Entrepreneur, I’ve covered a lot of ground and have experienced the challenges of growing my career with a millennial mindset long before the millennial phenomenon was recognized. I believe in people first and in helping individuals achieve their potential.

I welcome you to our unique offering that gives you direct access to an experienced executive who will spend quality time with you and give you direct feedback on your questions. I designed this offering to be very simple. You schedule and pay for the time you use. No subscriptions. No pressure to buy more. You simply get to have the time you need to collaborate with an experienced leader. 

I look forward to working with you.



About this Service

This is our simple solution for helping individuals with real problems they face by offering a direct One-on-One with an experienced leader.

  • No subscription
  • Pay as you go
  • Schedule in 60-minute blocks of time
  • $165 per 60-minute block

Over the past several years, I have worked with Gordon as a business coach. In that time Gordon has provided invaluable insights and level-headed wisdom that only comes with decades of leadership experience in the military, business and academia. As a mentor coach, Gordon regularly helps me solve problems, think strategically, and provides an invaluable outside perspective on our business.

Working as a leader at an industry-leading technical consultancy is challenging and often stressful. Gordon’s unique blend of real-world experience and academic knowledge, along with his strong moral character, has helped me navigate those challenges.

John Fisher

Managing Partner, Atomic Object

The most fun I’ve ever had in my career. We are truly working on things that I believe to be revolutionary. There are a lot of different groups we’ve looked at to consult with us, but Leaders247 is the first one that took into account what leadership is at OC TANNER and how to incorporate the best and brightest logic and thinking and articles and theory to be put into use on a daily basis for us.

Matt Burton

Director, O.C. TANNER

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