“Grandpa, it was a great day.”

Marie Diane Hansen


One of the most powerful highlights on being positive came from my Granddaughter. She was so excited about her first day of school yesterday that she face timed me and said, “Grandpa, it was a great day.” [Pause] “It’s going to be better tomorrow.”[Pause] “I’m going to draw on colorful paper tomorrow.”

Marie is in 1st grade. Her pure excitement about what she is experiencing exudes the principles of positive leadership for me. On top of that, she is excited about the next day, the day after, and so on. Each new day has a new opportunity that she just looks forward to.

I could have been a cold blanket and said, “Just wait until you get into algebra or college…” or offered some other dose of my negative reality. But as I resisted that temptation and simply enjoyed her pure positive energy, Marie taught me an important lesson – there is excitement in today and there is excitement in tomorrow, and there are great things on the horizon.

A leader’s note: When our people catch onto that attitude, great things happen.

I’ve included a link to three excellent books on this topic below.