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A leadership development course for leaders who want to get ahead


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Why Power.Up?

This course is an in-depth program for emerging and high-potential leaders and covers topics such as:

  • Leadership today is different – what really works?
  • 5 mistakes every leader must avoid.
  • 10 important principles good leaders need to master.
  • Teams and trust – strategies to build both.
  • Advanced principles of delegating.
  • Principles that drive effective meetings.
  • How to present ideas and get your projects approved.
  • Ethics and socially responsible leadership – can it make my business better?
  • HR – what you must know as a leader of people, to include hiring, firing, promoting, and coaching.
  • The big 4 leadership competencies to master.

Our power.up course can be taken on-line through our website or in person.

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Develop Your Leaders

The development of leaders, especially first-time leaders, is an important function in both society and business. There is no question that one of the most demanding positions of leadership is found at the line-level. The obstacles faced by the first-time leader are huge and contain a number of challenges, including:

  • Problems with being a working manager.
  • Dealing with vague or inconsistent instructions by upper management.
  • Leading one’s peers for the first time.
  • Resisting the urge to micro-manage.
  • Falling back on what worked in the past as an individual contributor.

Lack of leadership development and training stunts our understanding of what management and leadership ought to be. Often, the first-time leader has unrealistic expectations of what management does, and as a result becomes discouraged, inadequately manages resources and relationships, and has a difficult time transitioning from individual contributor to leader.

Organizations should focus on holistic development of emerging leaders in a way that integrates the view and responsibilities of leadership consistent with the organizational culture, while at the same time providing tools and support enabling success.

When we put together leadership development programs we follow a pattern of education integrated with practical development.

We like to organize internal programs to help people develop within their frame of responsibilities and future opportunities. We look at business competencies and leading competencies and customize a long-term program that is sustainable within the organization itself. We pattern our ideas after Nike, the Marine Corps, and GE.

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