Do You Have a Key Initiative Heading in the Wrong Direction?

This is What I Do

  • Performance management and leadership pipeline development
  • Leading troubled projects through a turnaround
  • Facilitating collaboration, strategy, and solving organizational alignment problems
  • Leading business-technology initiatives

30 Years of Leadership

in companies like Nike, the Marines, CorVel, and other dynamic groups.

Known for solving tough problems that produce big results.

Specialize in leadership and organizational transformation.

I understand people, teams, and organizations. I know how to read the flow of an organization and, like a good coach, I know how to insert the right change at the right time to address a root problem.


Sustained change happens when a leader understands that organizations are collections of real people, with real goals, real desires, and real ideas. I lead change by accessing the talent, passion, and innovation of the people inside the organization.

Case Examples

Pioneering at Nike

Leading the solution for a global technology problem during intense growth phase.


Sustainable information and competitive advantage for $4b-$9b growth.

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Director of IT – Nike America’s. Led a group of 60 senior managers through redesigning $300m global central IT. During the time of explosive growth IT was critical to core business function. Forecasting, sales, design, development, manufacturing, retail, distribution, and operations were all re-aligned with innovative business process and reinforced with technology talent supporting revenue growth from $4b to $9b.


Technology innovation in the middle of Kuwait during Desert Storm.


Technology speeds never before seen that led to new combat strategies.

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Information Systems Manager for 12,000 person organization. Pioneered new communication technologies in combat and changed the way critical battle plans were coordinated. As a result, received second Navy Achievement Medal. Led strategic planning in systems and telecommunications. Introduced encrypted digital network during a highly volatile and dynamic work environment (Desert Storm). Created the first mobile network control unit deployable in the field within 30 minutes of landing. Prototype later adopted by the Marine Corps.

Turned Around

A lack-luster IT group for a high-tech medical information company.


Increased capacity to grow by 10x and led to a 3-2 stock split.

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Vice President, Information Technology Operations CorVel Corporation is a healthcare services provider specializing in bill review and claims management. Operating budget of $20m; staff of 82. Executive responsibilities included directing IT as a strategic advantage, building capacity for business growth, improving customer experience, and implementing business processes change. Responsibilities included three data centers, systems integration for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and supply chain applications, desktop operations, EDI operations, customer services, network and telephony, training, and security.

Led a Supply Chain Software Innovation from Inception to Adoption

A major consulting company to the Navy and other DoD entities and suppliers needed a competitive edge.


A one-number prioritization model that increased supply chain throughput by 20% immediately.

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The Avraham Y. Goldratt Institute had some great ideas. They needed someone to get those ideas into systematic, repeatable, and sustainable practice, and that meant translating their business ideas into dynamic software. I led the design, development, and deployment of a supply chain buffer management solution. This unique software leveraged a one-number prioritization algorithm we designed to set priorities, increase throughput in the supply chain and manufacturing processes, and adjust schedules for planned and unplanned variability. The result was an immediate 20% increase in throughput resulting in millions of dollars of additional revenue. We then used the same concept to establish a project portfolio synchronization module for project portfolio management to synchronize release schedules for projects based on a unique resource demands.

Led a Multi-billion Dollar Global

Non-profit in strategic planning and execution process changes.


Stakeholder alignment and controls for accountability sped up delivery and accuracy.

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Led transformational change in strategy and strategic technology planning for the IT group of a large multinational non-profit. Transformed key elements of annual planning into a strategic cadence allowing Directors and the CIO to possess a clear long-term strategy for their organization. In a short time in this role I accomplished the Integration of end-to-end planning linking execution to strategy, guided the department through strategic planning, streamlined the standard delivery model for execution to make it more accessible and logical to the organization. This all resulted in the transformation from a tactical to a strategic organization, faster planning cycles, and tighter relationships between execution and planning. 

I’ve made a career out of solving the most valuable business problems. My clients’ problems are my problems and I partner to solve them.

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