Elgie Bellizio – A Social Leader to the End

Today’s podcast is unique. It was my privilege to spend time with Elgie Bellizio – also known as Blitz. Blitz is a Navy World War II Veteran, a retired Naval Captain, a former high school football, baseball, track, and basketball coach, a former high school sports director, and a person who has dedicated a large portion of his life to helping young people transform their lives.

Blitz is a hero in many ways. He is one of our remaining National Treasures from a time that we need to remember. One thing that is most impressive to me about Blitz is his desire and ability to continue to serve young people. He started the Sunrise House in Salinas, California to treat teenage drug abusers. He is a pioneer in recognizing that counseling needs to extend beyond the addicted individual to families, friends, and the community. Blitz is highly recognized by leaders, including President Ronald Reagan’s 1987 Presidential Recognition Awards for Community Service, the Governor of California – George Deukmejian, among many other high-ranking public leaders.

I hope you enjoy this unique podcast featuring Elgie Bellizio. I have included pictures and additional documents about the great life of Blitz on our website. Included in our podcast post is an article published by Blitz entitled “Approaches to Drug Problems within the School Setting.”

We welcome Blitz to Leaders247.

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Download the full article here: Approaches to Drug Problems within the School Setting