Foundations of Leadership – Integrity and Authenticity

How the Most Important Approach to Leading People is Possessing an Unshakable Foundation of Integrity and Self-awareness

Today we welcome Sue Galatz, a longtime Nike leader in business and strategy to our leadership show.

Sue is an innovator, thought leader, and a process genius. A chemical engineer by education, she uses a creative discipline to bring new ideas to life.

I first met Sue during my early days at Nike. She has remained an incredible influence on my leadership life, and a good friend and mentor. I pattern my organizational leadership after the lessons I learned from working with Sue at Nike. I am thrilled to have Sue join our show.

Disclaimer: I want to point out that the views expressed on this program do not represent Nike or any other organization. The views are independent and our own.

More About Sue

Throughout her career, Sue has focused on bringing new ideas to life.  She’s skilled at bridging strategy and action. With more than 15 years at Nike, she’s worked the “white space” between functions to evolve capabilities and business models.  Highlights include driving new concepts and social change, elevating brand frameworks, and optimizing operational efficiencies.  Prior to Nike, Sue spent more than 15 years in high tech leading change in business strategy, supply chain, manufacturing, and innovation.   Skilled in multiple functions, she’s also worked across multiple cultures/geographies including Europe, Japan, Brazil, and China.  Her leadership approach – architected for impact… ”head” & “heart”… and end-to-end —  builds teams and their capacity to drive change.

A native Oregonian, Sue holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University and an MBA from the University of Portland.

Always up for an adventure, outside of work, you’ll find Sue outside doing something active.

We welcome Sue Galatz to Leaders247.

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