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Lead Brave, Lead Strong, Lead True

Former Marine Officer and current professor, Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas shares valuable lessons from her journey into the world of leading in the mostly male-dominated U.S. Marine Corps environment.

Watch for three themes in this show:

  • Challenges facing new leaders.
  • Challenges facing female leaders.
  • Challenges facing veterans returning from combat-like conditions.

Our discussion weaves in and out of all three themes providing priceless leadership insight for anyone facing a demanding leadership role.

Dr. Thomas is a professor of Health Promotion at Charleston Southern University.  She is a former Marine Officer, a fitness professional, and the author of Brave, Strong, True: The Modern Warrior’s Battle for Balance. highly encourages listeners to read her book. Men and women who return from combat and war-like situations deal with scarring and debilitating mental and emotional issues that most people cannot conceive. But, Veteran or not; or related to a Veteran or not; this book provides deep insight into successfully navigating, and then healing from intense and traumatic situations. Every leader should know this content.

We are pleased to present Dr. Kate Thomas on our Leaders247 podcast series.

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