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Leading and the Startup

Our guest today is David Stirling, a Founding Executive, Chief Executive Officer, and President of doTERRA, a worldwide health and wellness company headquartered in the heart of Utah Valley in Pleasant Grove, Utah. David is one of the individuals responsible for having grown this company from a start-up idea to a place that now employs over 1,300 people, engages over 1 million Wellness Advocates, and enjoys many million-dollar revenue days. doTERRA is one of the fastest growing companies in history.

David’s journey is an interesting one and anyone looking to gain insights into the challenges of leading people in a dynamic international market will enjoy this particular show. In this show some of the key insights David shares include:

  • How to lead high performing people.
  • How to organize a top leadership team.
  • Why it is important to learn to be strategic.
  • Mistakes you just cannot afford to make.
  • Lessons for growing as a leader.
  • Principles to live by as a leader.

We are thrilled to have David kick off our leaders247 series.

More about David

David has extensive experience and education in business management, with both BS and Master’s Degrees in business. He most recently chaired the executive management team for a large essential oils company, taking the company to a solid position of profitability while doubling revenues in just over three years. David also has a solid background in technology, overseeing IT development and engineering efforts for a billion-dollar consumer products company. David’s strength is in his ability to see what can be, while inspiring the same vision in others. He will tell you this is only accomplished through loyal and trusted friends who are highly skilled and competent in their areas of expertise.
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