Learning Leadership the Right Way

Our guest today is Tim Rahschulte, Chief Learning Officer at Evanta. Tim is also a Professor at George Fox University’s School of Business. He is also a prolific author on topics of leadership, organizational change, and strategy.

Tim has a diverse background and a wealth of leadership experience in both the for-profit and non-profit world. Tim started in corporate finance managing the cash and investment activities for a $3 billion company, dozens of bond indentures, and average daily investments of $200 million.

After earning an MBA, Tim entered the consulting field and that led to a couple of venture funded start ups. Following his startup experiences, Tim began his teaching career and at the same time consulted for the government, where he served as a principal executive manager leading large-scale system change initiatives and business transformations.

Important leadership lessons from this show include:

  • The importance of recognizing leadership is a social journey
  • Techniques and tips for leaders early in their career
  • The art of leadership and how to improve the entire ecosystem
  • How to distinguish yourself as a potential up and coming leader
  • Leading global project teams
  • Non-profit vs. for-profit organizational leadership differences

We are pleased to have Tim Rahschulte as a guest on our Leaders247 leadership series.

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