Operational Leadership

Taking Care of Your People and Your Business

We welcome Robert Ordever to our leadership show.

Robert is the Executive Director for O.C. TANNER – Europe (Chief Operating Officer).

Robert leads the operation for OC TANNER out of their U.K Headquarters. Robert has a unique background in both operations and HR, which gives him a passion for creating workplace culture that is innovative and allows people to perform at their best. 

I was anxious to have Robert join this show so we could stretch more into an international perspective. I was not disappointed.

In this podcast, Robert shares unique insight on a number of important leadership topics, including

  • How to think from an international perspective regardless of your location,
  • How to build lasting trust in your organization,
  • And how to nurture a culture that produces global leaders.


About Robert

Robert joined O.C. Tanner in 2014, and as Executive Director he leads the operation for EMEA out of the U.K Headquarters. From luxury retail with Harrods to Premier League football with Fulham Football Club, Robert’s Human Resources and Operational background has given him a real passion for creating a workplace culture that truly gets the best out of its teams. At O.C. Tanner, his passion and drive helps each of our clients win and remain winners. Outside of work, Robert is a proud Dad and devoted Fulham fan.



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