Strategy ebook cover A Leader’s Guide

Strategy is over-taught and under-thought. Strategy itself is a rather simple concept. Unfortunately, the academic world, consulting world, and training world have managed to make the simple concept incredibly complex. Many organizations struggle with being able to identify their strategy on their own and being able to establish implementation or execution plans that help to make their strategy real.

In this book I provide an explanation of what strategy is and how to connect strategy to the operational process of the organization. In other words, I help make strategy a day-to-day function to be carried out organically.

Topics covered

  • Strategy Defined
  • Classic Example of a Strategy
  • The Need for Strategic Iteration
  • Keys in Making a Strategy
  • Building the Strategic Technology Plan
  • Visualizing Strategy
  • Brainstorming: Proceed with Caution
  • Strategy Mapping
  • Validating Strategy
  • Socializing Strategy
  • Wrap-up
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