Self-Healing Team Workshop


6 Hours spread over two days.
Spend a day with your team in a customized interactive experience. Come away with a set of actions to move your team to higher performance.
At the center of the workshop are the principles of self-healing teams. Self healing teams move fast, handle vague assignments without getting ruffled, and produce specific high-value results. Self-healing team members are engaged and more fulfilled.

Workshop Part I

Interactive educational experience covering topics such as:

  • Why teams fail to live up to their potential in today’s environment
  • What is a self-healing team
  • Why control doesn’t work as a leadership approach
  • Team experiences that can build or destroy capability
  • Dealing with an underperforming teammate
  • Myers-Briggs personality indicator and application of results

Workshop Part II

Customized practical and interactive experiences based on your organization and your team’s needs:

  • Reading organizational flow and understanding what organizations value
  • Inter and intra team communication and collaboration
  • Principles of Agile team mechanics
  • Your team’s path to self-healing
Once your register your team, you will have a pre-workshop call to identify and customize concepts so that your experience is unique and targeted for your environment.

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