Does anyone other than me hate the idea of free-riding (getting equal credit for doing no work)? It seems to me that this probably happens all the time. Just think about this question:

When was the last time you did most of the work on your team, or had to pick up someone else’s work at the last minute so the “team” could be successful?

By the way, if this has happened to you, you probably also felt like you had to keep it a secret or ironically you would be crowned a non-team-player? The idea of a team in business, academics, or other social projects should be to leverage the talents of multiple individuals to produce a greater outcome. But I see two big problems:
  1. Not everyone does the same level of work, but quite often everyone gets the same reward or grade.
  2. Leaders, managers, or professors have no visibility into team problems until it is too late.
I’m curious if others see this same issue? My feeling is that simple peer review that is non-threatening, easy to do, fits within the team flow, and produces dynamic alerts to problems would be rather valuable. I like this video we did to capture the problem. CaptusR from gordon on Vimeo.